Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Source-- Wolfgang Puck pizza now in DC! (and not the frozen kind)

Monday night we ventured out to Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant, The Source, which is located downtown in the same building as the new Newseum. Since Puck is famous for his fancy-schmancy California pizzas, we decided to go sit at the bar, watch a little Monday Night Football, and try a couple of his chi-chi pizza pies.

There's a restaurant upstairs, but we sat at the bar in the lounge downstairs. It was kind of funny-- being a new restaurant, they were way overstaffed but yet we still got kind of odd service. It took us a while to flag down a bartender, and at the end of the evening she gave us dessert menus and then... left. No dessert for us. Bummer.

Apparently the staff is supposed to serve pizza slices with two forks put together like chopsticks. (Watching the staff actually try to accomplish this is rather humorous.)

But anyway, you might expect some service issues the first week a place is open. We didn't care, we were there for the 'za and MNF and Joey Harrington, because he's so dreamy. (<-- Only Liza thinks this! Signed, Gary)

Liza got the margherita, Gary got some fancy pizza with shrimp, pesto, peppers, and other goodies.

The margherita was okay. It was more of a California style, with tomato slices instead of sauce. The crust was thick-ish and chewy. The pesto pizza was SO flavorful. Really good stuff.

So for the first week on the job, The Source is doing just fine by us.

Liza's rating: 3 stars
Gary's rating: 3.5 stars

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