Friday, October 23, 2009

Margherita Wars!

You may have been wondering what all these goofy notes and pizza blogger stalking is all about.
Well, dear readers, it's time for.... the MARGHERITA WARS!
Who has the best pizza-- DC or Baltimore? We're spending some time sampling pizza tomorrow in order to find out!
The Margherita Wars; Settling The Score
One day, one margherita, one day to be the best
Saturday, October 24th
2Amys (Washington DC)
RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria (Washington DC)
Coal Fire Pizza (Ellicott City)
Joe Squared (Baltimore)
Iggies (Baltimore)
Your consigliere panel for the event:
Representing DC pizza interests: Yours truly, Liza and Gary of Liza and Gary’s DC Pizza Blog. To represent the capital city, DC’s definitive pizza experts will take part in the event and offer their own take on the proceedings.
Representing Howard County, MD pizza interests: HowChow, the best food blog in the Baltimore area, will make sure the visit to Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City will be treated with fairness and that there will be no disrespect thrown out by the DC and Baltimore interests.
Representing Baltimore pizza interests: Baltimore's own pizzablogger. He’ll be tasting and snapping away with his camera.
Check our blogs next week for our updates!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A pizza mystery...

Today when Gary and I got home from work, the strangest package was waiting on our doorstep.

Imagine our surprise when we read the letter inside:

Youtz guys down in DC got some nerve makin threats up here in Baltimore. Lemme tell ya something, DC has got nothing on hear that? Nothing.

As the DC pizza experts, you unknowingly has gottun yourself involved in a beef. If you don't help settle the score, well let's just say youza better be buying some plane tickets to a far away location.....capiche?

Oh tell Tommy the Tomato that if he even thinks about throwing any more weight around in Baltimore, he's gonna end up in a canning jar. You hear that.....A JAR!

--Sourdough Sal

We're not sure what this means, but it is similar to the type of letter we noticed the pizzablogger received just a few days ago:

More to come...