Friday, February 15, 2008

Cafe Pizzaiolo-- Crystal City

We have been bad bloggers and have neglected updating our beloved pizza blog recently. A couple weeks ago (has it been that long?!?) we went to Cafe Pizzaiolo in Crystal City, which came highly recommended from our friends Steph and Neil, who accompanied us.

We got there at noon on a Sunday, which was right when they opened. Ours were the first pies out of the oven. We ordered a margherita pizza and a pesto pizza.

Both pizzas were excellent, with a crispy crust and tasty ingredients. The margherita did not have buffalo mozzerela, just regular ol' mozzerella, so that was a drawback in my opinion. The pesto was very flavorful.

Steph mentioned that the crust did not seem as crispy as it usually did-- she speculated that it was because it was the first pizza of the day... kind of like how the first grilled cheese or first pancakes out of the pan are never as good.

We followed up with some wonderful gelato, and then headed off to see a movie at Potomac Yards.

All in all, a very solid pizza.

Liza, Gary, and Neil's rating: 3 stars

Steph's rating: 3.5 stars


Anonymous said...

Liza, Gary,

Have you guys tried the pizza at Piola in Rosslyn yet? I think you just might have a new favorite pie place!!

Liza said...

Hmmm, haven't heard of it. Thanks for the tip, we'll have to check it out!

erin*carly said...

i agree . . . i can't eat pizza very often (lactose intolerance be damned!), but this place has great pizza.

i don't eat there anymore only because my ex-boyfriend and his roommates are frequent (almost daily) customers, and i'd rather not see them.

Matt said...

Try the NY style with pepperoni and artichoke hearts.

There's nothing particularly flashy about their pizza. It's just really good NY style pizza, which isn't too easy to find around here. Most pizza around here has too much cheese or the sauce is too sweet.

The place is very family friendly too.