Sunday, October 12, 2008

Uno's at Union Station-- Capitol Hill

The economy's tanking, folks, so Liza and Gary's weekly date night is getting scaled down. This means that this week, we went for dinner and a movie at Union Station. At least we didn't get take out pizza at the food court-- we went upstairs to Uno for a sit-down meal. But, we did forgo the alcohol. You know that these are tough economic times when I pass up a chance for a nice adult beverage with a pizza pie!

I used to adore Uno's, and I was all excited last year when Top Chef did a "create a deep dish pizza" challenge at the restaurant. But, the pizza there is getting more and more disappointing. We split a deep dish pie, and it was okay, but pretty much flavorless. It made me wish I was back in Maui at BJ's. (Well, there's lots of reasons I'd rather be in Maui, but that's just one of them.)

Uno's is phoning it in.

Liza and Gary's rating: 2.0 stars