Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jerry's Pizza and Subs-- National Airport

On Friday night we were in the Northwest terminal, waiting for our delayed flight, starving. Anyone who's flown out of the A terminal at National knows that the food options there are nill. So, we opted for a couple of cheese slices from Jerry's.

When you have to blot the grease off your pizza with a napkin, it's not exactly screaming "quality." The crust was burnt, the cheese was rubbery, and the sauce was blah. The best thing we can say about Jerry's is that it didn't give us food poisoning.

Liza and Gary's rating: 1/2 star


Anthony said...

This is a wonderful blog! Keep it up. There are so many places you've yet to visit.

Mercury said...

Im a big fan of Armands in Capitol Hill.

Anonymous said...

Keep this going!! Excited to see this new blog.