Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Margherita Wars Recap

Gary and I had a great time meeting up with the pizzablogger for the Margherita Wars on October 24! . All photos below are courtesy of the pizzablogger.

We started off at one of our favorite DC pizza places, 2 Amys. As usual, they did not disappoint. Great crust texture, a little bit of sauce, and fresh cheese. Yummy.

Next we went to my personal favorite, Red Rocks. The crust was a bit more charred, and there was more sauce and it was a bit sweeter.
We finished our leg of the journey at Coal Fire Pizza in Howard County. Honestly, I did not care for this pizza at all. A little too thin for my taste and way too burnt.

The verdict? Gary and pizzablogger definitely preferred 2 Amys. For me, Red Rocks and 2 Amys were neck-and-neck, with maybe a slight advantage to Red Rocks.

In other words, we confirmed what we've known for a long time now-- we have some mighty fine pizza here in Washington, DC! The pizzablogger went on to two more establishments in Baltimore. His full recap can be found here.

Gary and I have been pretty busy recently and haven't been able to get out much to try new pies, but we have a couple restaurants on our radar for future reviews. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comments. Thanks!


Pizzablogger said...

Mia's Pizza in Bethesda and the Italian Store in Arlington, VA are on my radar screen. I'll letcha know before I visit....hopefully we can hook up.

Very nice meeting you two! :)

Emily said...

What about PieTanza? (1216 W Broad St, Falls Church, VA 22046)

I am also interested in Mia's Pizza in Bethesda!

Steven said...

I have to say the top pizza looks really nice. I am hungry now =[

DCPizza said...

Have you tried Faccia Luna in Arlington? My uncle and I have been eating pizza in the DC area every Thursday for the past 4 years, and this is one of our standby's. We also like Piola in Rosslyn, but favor the consistency and coziness of Faccia Luna.

RuninDC said...

Thanks so much for this post. Keep up the great work