Sunday, November 2, 2008

Capitol Lounge-- Capitol Hill

Another Sunday, another Lions loss.

Today started as a nice, lazy Sunday... since the Redskins play on Monday Night Football, we were able to sleep in (extra hour for daylight savings-- woot woot!), go out for breakfast, and generally hang out all day. I was listening to the Lions on the radio online, and at halftime, the Lions were actually WINNING! So we thought-- hey, let's go watch the rest of the game!

We ventured out to Capitol Lounge on the Hill and staked out a seat at the bar. Not surprisingly, the Lions weren't on any TVs, but the nice bartender lady switched the game on for us. Also not surprisingly, the Lions had one of their usual epic 4th quarter collapses. Sigh.

But, on to more important matters. If we're watching football, we gotta get some beer and pizza. We ordered a pie with mushrooms and onions, and Gary got a Capitol Amber beer.

This pizza was huge-- eight large slices, and we only ate half and were stuffed. The crust was a little floppy, which is a pet peeve of Gary's. The cheese was a tad on the rubbery side. And there was a good helping of grease on the pizza, making napkins a necessity after every bite. The toppings were pretty tasty, though.

As for the Amber... Gary says, "it was okay... it was beer." Not something to write home about, apparently.

As a football watching venue, Capitol Lounge was a little... strange. There were a lot of TVs, but several of them were teeny tiny. For some reason they attracted the most uninspired fans I have ever seen. We sat next to two Titans fans who were watching the thrilling ending of their game against the Packers, and all these guys could muster was, "Hmmm, well, they really need to get into position so Bironas can kick a field goal." And after the winning field goal was kicked? "Cool man, we're 8 and 0." Come on people, where's the passion?!?! I was getting more fired up about my 0-8 team, geeeeeeeeeez!

Liza and Gary's rating: 1.5 stars

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