Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ella's Woodfired Pizza -- Chinatown

The great thing about Ella's is they have good pizza FAST. We got there after 7 PM last night (Friday), and were able to make our 7:50 movie a few blocks away at E Street Cinemas. (We saw Across the Universe-- Liza gave it a big thumbs down, Gary thought it was merely okay. Says Liza: "If you're going make a movie with Beatles songs, RESPECT THE MUSIC" -- but this is all fodder for another blog.)

As is our custom, we split a mixed green salad (which was better than 2 Ames, BTW) and we each got a pizza. Liza had the traditional margherita (tomato sauce, mozzerella, and basil) and Gary got the wild mushroom pizza with goat cheese and spinach.

All in all, this pizza was good eatin'. The margherita had a nice combination of light sauce, cheese (although an authentic margherita pizza uses buffalo mozz, I'm just sayin'), and olive oil. The crust was crispy but didn't have the chewiness you expect from a woodfired 'za.

Gary describes his pizza as "run of the mill"-- good to "scarf down" but not rich in flavor. The ingredients lacked the smoky goodness of the veggies on the pizza we got at 2 Amys.

Ella's is a nice pizza, but not among DC's elite.

Gary's rating: 2.5 stars

Liza's rating: 2.5 stars


Alli said...

Funny story about my experience here. My bf and I did NOT like the pizza here-- thought it was very bland and just not worth the money. So, halfway through our pizza--crazy as we are--put an order in for our favorite onion, pepper, mushroom and cheese pizza down the street at Matchbox.

Hazel said...

Nice stotey......

Kajal said...

Just wanted to share...we ordered two pizzas...not bad, although not the best. It was during my second bite from one of the pizzas, when I found a 2-inch long piece of hair in my pizza. Then I realized it was baked into the cheese, and the workers in the open pizza kitchen were not wearing ANY hairnets. We complained to the manager who resolved the issue by being so kind as to giving us that pizza for free, but then offering ANOTHER pizza...because he figured it was just a hair, of course we wouldn't lose our appetite! To say the least, we said we weren't hungry anymore and were then given the name of the manager (Eddie) in case we came back again and wanted a free pizza. Why would anyone go back??

Stephanie said...

hm, now having lived in new york and 'setts... i'm an east coast elitist- especially when it comes to pizza. i have to say, i read your reviews on ella's, redrock's, and armand's- and i'm utterly dismayed by your delusions!

Redrocks: oh, i desperately want to dig the pizza- since it is such a popping scene. I've been twice, and each time i try to fool myself into loving the 'za... but alas, fecking up the pesto really puts a bee in my bonnet. it literally could have come out of a squeeze tube it was so thin and textureless... as well as plain flat in taste. i will go back for the scene and will stick to the hot olives of deliciousness and a salad from now on. i'd rate it a 2.

2. armand's... i'd rate it a 2, too. decent pizza- great crust, sweet sauce... but goes way too heavy on the cheese.

3. ella's: are you nuts calling that piece of perfection bland?! ?!
First, let me put a shout out for the mozzarella sticks: usually, i'm not a fan... but here they were, fresh mozzarella triangles, lightly battered and fried: Deliciousness Squared!

secondly, it is the first za in two years to make my eyes pop out of my head and salivate at the idea of ordering another one... just moments after demolishing my plate. i ordered a simple margharita and would do it again, and again, and again. great thin pizza, great sauce, fresh garlic and mozzarella-perfection. a friend had pizza with potatoes on it- gorgeousness.